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Momentum Learning Lab inspires collaboration and creative thinking through movement-based team building workshops.

Today’s dynamic environments require a new vision of leadership and teamwork, one that is flexible and intentional about building healthy, authentic relationships.


Originally designed for Engineering and Management students at MIT who would become future manufacturing and consulting leaders in America, our experiential workshops utilize out-of-the-box creative elements to explore leadership and teamwork. 


Momentum Learning Lab workshops bring people out of their comfort zones, breaking down barriers and building trust, empathy and connection to help create a culture that facilitates strong teams and community. Participants learn first-hand the value of shared leadership and collaborative teamwork.


Creative Leadership Training workshops are fun and filled with lots of laughter and group bonding!

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Meet the Team

As dancers, educators, and movement specialists, we draw on lessons learned from 40 years of creative leadership experience to grow and sustain companies with skilled leaders and successful, high-performing teams. 


Through our collaborative arts-based work, we have learned how to successfully build authentic relationships that support seamless shared leadership and support efficient, collaborative teamwork.


We teach this elasticity to aspiring leaders and team members in your organization.

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Rachel Balaban

Rachel is a Rhode Island teaching artist and movement educator. She is committed to making dance accessible to all. 

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Valerie Maio

Valerie is a professionally trained dancer, experienced nonprofit leader, and committed arts advocate.

Miki Ohlsen - IMC_edited.jpg

Miki Ohlsen

Miki Ohlsen is a nationally & internationally acclaimed choreographer, dance educator, and a movement specialist.

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