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Hear what participants have to say about the benefits of Creative Training Workshops.


I truly enjoyed the group choreography project - to be able to visualize collaboration and teamwork in action, and working to listen and support others was really impactful.

Kate F. - YMCA


The workshop made me think about just how often I say something that might not be understood or perceived the way I intended. It challenged me to think carefully about the best way to clearly articulate and to be sure I would be understood.

Kate F. - Discover Newport


The mirroring activity helped me see the value of being in sync with others. Watching someone else carefully and reflecting on how it feels to follow, helped me to recognize my strengths as a leader.

Karolyn F. - War College Museum


This is fantastic! Creative training that allows us to drop the masks we wear in our everyday lives and find clearer paths to successful work. Each individual has something important to say - hearing and understanding is critical.

Keith T. - Rhode Island Foundation

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