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Customized Workshops

Our workshops are customized for your group and designed to meet the unique needs of corporate and nonprofit teams and leaders, educational and youth groups, college and university programs, sports teams and the health professions.

Creative Training Workshops

Workshop Description

We begin with individually reflective activities to establish personal comfort levels. Participants then work in pairs to explore one-to-one relationships, building trust and empathy with colleagues, and examining the importance of connecting with each other. Small group activities offer yet another way to engage with team members to explore communication styles and the role this plays in perceptions and biases. Finally, we build upon the group’s increased confidence, trust, and willingness to collaborate as we work together to create a group choreographed project. 

Skills Explored

During our workshops, participants ENGAGE in collaborative movement-based learning to recognize and improve leadership and teamwork skills. They EXPLORE creative processes to discover the power of non-verbal communication to break down barriers, build trust, and enhance empathy. Teammates EXPERIENCE practical and challenging group dynamics to support inclusive and efficient teamwork.


Participants will walk away from the workshop with powerful insights about their strengths as communicators and collaborators, leaders and followers. Each individual will gain insights into the strengths they bring to the group in working toward shared goals, while the group as a whole will enjoy seamless shared leadership for efficient and joyful teamwork. Newly built trust, empathy, and inclusive decision-making will lead to authentic, connected relationships. Your team will have a stronger understanding of the importance of communication styles and the roles they play in perceptions and biases.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this workshop designed for?

The workshops can be customized for groups of all shapes and sizes including corporate teams, nonprofit leaders, educational and youth groups, university and the health professions among others. Workshops can be done with people that already know and work with each other, and can also serve as an orientation activity for people just getting to know each other.

Is the workshop accessible for people with limited mobility or other disabilities?

YES! Workshops are designed to be accessible for all, including those with intellectual or physical disabilities, including those who utilize wheelchairs.

What is the minimum and maximum number of group members?

Workshop sizes range from small to large and everything in between. We customize the delivery of the workshop to match your group size.

How long is the workshop?

The ideal workshop is 2-3 hours. We can adjust the time to fit your schedule with workshops as short as one hour and as long as a full and half-days.

Where do the workshops take place?

Any space that is free and clear of furniture will work well. Physical space should match group size.

Will my team members feel comfortable?

Movement levels the playing field for most, and while some may feel hesitant at first, everyone has fun and feels comfortable in no time at all!

Do we need to have previous dance experience?

No previous dance experience necessary. All activities are based on accessible, pedestrian movement.

Do we need to wear special clothing? 

No special attire is necessary, though participants are encouraged to wear clothes and shoes that are comfortable and easy to move in.

How do I schedule a workshop?

Call us at (401) 835-3479 or email us at to find the perfect plan for your group.

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